Announcing StrikeMate the worlds first and only standardised, PC based, calibrated product for analysing the impacts in sports.

Refined for the Fighting Arts, StrikeMate3 is the worlds first interactive Hi-Tec training aid for improving punching, striking and kicking.

PowerTrainer is our latest innovation which represents a Hi-Tech alternative to Punch Bags and Strike Shields.

Strike Research is a new UK based, high-tech product, research and development organisation, working initially in the field of applied sport science.

Strike Research develops and markets direct and through licensees.

Strike Researchs core technology, StrikeMate is a protected invention, providing science-based motivation and training through the measurement of impact accuracy and speed.

StrikeMate is designed to be used by sportsmen, scientists, the media, the police, the military, gym equipment manufacturers and the pub/bar/arcade & domestic games industry.

Strike Research is looking for partners interested in buying licences, giving them the exclusive rights to produce and market StrikeMate within specific markets and territories, including access to our development of pay as you go via the internet.

'Recently, scientists at the Australian Institute of Sport quantified the reliability of the StrikeMate for measuring maximal punching power in athletes. Their findings help coaches and athletes interpret the results of testing using the StrikeMate. Their assessments showed that if an athletes punching power improves by more than 1.8% over time, they can be confident that their training has lead to positive change in performance, not simply random variation'.

Quote: Clare Humberstone, PhD BSc (Hons), Senior Sport Physiologist , Physiology, Australian Institute of Sport, Australian Sports Commission.. Measurements taken in kilowatts



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"I’ve never measured how powerful my punch is. I’ve broken punching machines, I’ve beaten guys 10 times my size, but I haven’t measured my punch because it’s not worth smashing my hands up. You can ask my last 25 opponents what my punching power is like."

Amir Khan, Boxer*
Quoted from an interview in Jam, the News of the World men’s magazine 2011.

Manchester University’s School of Mechanical, Aerospace and Civil Engineering (MACE) measured the force* and speed of 4 punches by the boxer Ricky Hatton. The study cost between £10,000 and £12,000 +VAT, around £3000 per punch.

According to the Managing Director of Biosense Medical Ltd.

"Power development is no longer theoretical, but measurable, comparable analytical and replicable, virtually guaranteeing improvements in power."

Kevin Franklin,
Strike Research Founder