Long term testing

All products designed and developed by Strike Research use the highest quality materials, and all associated components are tested for reliability and consistency beyond their normal range of operation. Long-term satisfaction is guaranteed following our accelerated wear simulation research conducted with our air ram test rig, Whacker-v1. To view a video of Whacker-v1 click here.


All Strike Research purchased products are subject to the terms laid out in our User Guide and our Trading Terms and Conditions of Supply and are guaranteed for up to 12 months parts and labour from the date of purchase as not only being fit for propose but will stay in calibration for that period as long as the total accumulated power during use, of 100,000,000 ft lb wt/sec (equal to 20,000 strikes @5,000ft lb wt/sec or equivalent), is not exceeded. Any product that fails to meet the above criteria will be repaired or replaced and returned free of charge, once returned to Strike Research at the client’s expense.




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"Benefit from StrikeMate SM-v1 completely free of charge, enjoy a lifetime guarantee and share in the revenue generated."

Kevin Franklin,
Strike Research Founder